Servicing & Training


Reliable, Flexible Equipment Servicing to Help You Meet Your Goals.


Northeast Semiconductor provides expert on-site and off-site repair, maintenance and refurbishment of Kulicke & Soffa semiconductor assembly equipment. We have deep experience working with K&S dicing saws, wire bonders, and can also train your staff in their proper use. Northeast Semiconductor delivers the technical expertise, industry knowledge and diagnostic tools to effectively and efficiently resolve your challenges, plus, our support does not end when a service call is over. We are always available to answer any questions your might have, and to handle any issues that arise.

At Northeast Semiconductor, our capabilities are flexible, allowing you to receive servicing tailored to your specific requirements. This helps you to ensure your equipment and your personnel are working optimally.


On Call. On Schedule. Guaranteed.

Understanding the mission critical nature of your semiconductor assembly equipment, Northeast Semiconductor is available by phone 24/7 for tech support. You can also always reach us by email and fax.

Under contract we are available for maintenance, process/applications operations and maintenance training. We help you minimize malfunction, and down time. We tailor our regular visits to your schedule. Plus, under contract you are warranted for 30 days on labor and 90 days on parts. Having a vast customer base, we can also ensure minimal travel expense by coordinating service with other clients in your area.

Take advantage of the discounted rates that comes with your service agreement.


We Offer Extensive Expertise in Application and Process Development.

Working with Northeast Semiconductor save you time and money, both in the short-term, and over the long-term. Our extensive industry knowledge and hands-on experience with applications ensures proper use of the equipment, resulting in high quality and quantity product – saving you valuable time and money. In fact, Northeast Semiconductor has more years of certification and hands-on experience than any other like company.